Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to Remove Deodorant Stains

I’m positive that most women reading this can relate to this scenario.  You are getting dressed up to go out.  You have on your favorite jewelry.  Your hair and makeup are perfect.  You take one final look in the mirror, and DANG IT, you have white deodorant marks on your clothes!  

What do you do?  

Most of you probably curse yourself out for not being more careful about putting your shirt or dress over your head.  Or you remind yourself that next time, you should put your deodorant on AFTER you get dressed.  You are faced with a dilemma.  You either get a wet cloth and try to wipe the deodorant off, or you go to your closet and frantically try to find something else that is just as fabulous to wear.  

If you chose option A and go with the wet cloth, you’ll find that although the stains appear to be gone, after your clothing dries (and you are already out),   those precious deodorant stains come right back.  If you chose option B, you head out in a new outfit, but you’re in a bad mood because you don’t look nearly as cute as you would have looked in the shirt that now has deodorant on it.  Darn deodorant stain!

Well, here is a tip that can hopefully relieve you of some of your stress in this situation.  Once you notice the dreaded white deodorant marks, take the shirt or dress off.  Then, rub a non-stained section of the shirt onto the stained section.  The dye from the fabric will rub against the stain, and within seconds, the marks will be gone.  I usually try to take a part of the fabric from the inside of the garment to rub the outside with.  This way, if the deodorant comes off on the clean part of the fabric, at least it’s on the inside and cannot be seen. 

I find this solution works best with black clothing, but it has been successful for me no matter what color I am wearing.  

I hope you'll give it a try! Thanks for reading!