Saturday, July 9, 2016

Random Thoughts on Recent World Events

I normally keep quiet about world events. But I’m starting to reach my boiling point. With every news story, we become more divided. Whether it’s black lives matter, blue lives matter, an alligator attack at Disney, a kid falling into a gorilla pit at a zoo, or the Orlando shooting, we choose a side and fight with strangers on the internet because they don’t agree with us. And my plea is…stop wasting your time. Don’t stop having opinions. But please don’t let your opinions keep dividing us as people. The next time an awful story in the news occurs, shut down your device and do something. Like get up off your ass..and DO SOMETHING. Replace your internet battles with real conversations, phone calls or letters. Contact organizations that you wouldn’t normally call and find out what you can do to help bring people together. Stop relying on your opinions, because fighting with people on Facebook, posting a meme to show everyone your stance, or changing the background of your profile picture doesn’t actually help the cause. It only shows what side of the story you’re on. And this is what needs to stop. We need to actually come together. And to come together, we need to better understand the needs of the people in our communities. We need to take action. So, I urge everyone who has an opinion to do something other than sharing your opinion. DO SOMETHING that will contribute to the changes you want to see in the world…whatever they may be.