Thursday, December 11, 2014

Audrey Brooke Cici Leather Flat

I have been on the lookout for comfortable pointed toe black flats for about two years now.  Maybe the fact that pointed toe shoes and comfort don’t ever belong in the same sentence might account for the longevity of my quest to find the perfect pair.  Not only did I want the elusive, comfy, black, pointed toe flat shoes, but I also wanted the perfect amount of toe cleavage.  Hey-if I have to wear flats, they’re sure as hell going to be sexy.  Anyway, over the years, I have tried on numerous pairs that tried to fit the bill, but failed.  I’ve tried on round toe flats with perfect cleavage; I‘ve tried on pointed toe flats that gave me blisters from just trying them on; I’ve tried on square toe flats that made me feel like a pilgrim.  You get the point, right?

All of my disappointment was replaced with excitement a few weeks ago when I had the privilege of visiting one of my favorite shoe stores-DSW.   I took my time and browsed through aisles and aisles of amazing shoes when, lo and behold, there they were!  The first thing I do when I am specifically looking for comfortable shoes is my “bend” test.  Once the shoe passes this test, I try it on. See the infamous bend test picture below.

These shoes were perfect!  Despite them not having my size, the smaller size shoe was extremely comfortable and had just enough toe cleavage!  Score!  Even though I left the store without them, I ordered them online as soon as I got home.  Once I got them in the mail, I took them out of the box and wore them all day long.  And guess what?  No blisters! 

So, if you are looking for a really comfortable, yet sexy flat shoe, I would definitely recommend that you treat yourself for the holiday season!  They are called the Audrey Brooke Cici leather flat, and they were only $49.95!

Happy shopping!