Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keds Teacup Fashion Sneaker

Summer is on its way, which means that there are many women who are gearing up for some sort of summer shopping experience.  There are also a lot of women who hate the idea of summer shopping because it includes the dreaded search for the perfect bathing suit.  Luckily, today’s blog is about something women don’t generally stress over. 


This summer, I have quite the obsession with the t-shirt dress.  There are tons of sandals that can be worn with t-shirt dresses to make them look cute.  However, I was on a mission to find a shoe that could make my t-shirt dresses look cute, yet sporty.   I wanted fashion sneakers, but I also wanted a brand I could trust.  I wanted to be able to take the shoe out of the box and wear it all day without getting blisters.  So, I first looked for shoes made by Nike, Adidas, Sketchers and other sneaker companies known for comfort.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that would complement the look I was going for.  That is, until I remembered Keds.  Keds were one of my favorite pairs of sneakers growing up (partially because of the Dirty Dancing craze that had every teenage girl running out to buy a pair of Keds and cuffed jean shorts a la Jennifer Grey).  So, I headed over to the Keds website and found exactly what I was looking for in the “Teacup” fashion sneaker. 

The Teacup is a casual slip-on canvas sneaker that comes in an array of different colors and textures.  I opted for the plain canvas in navy, but the color selection for this particular shoe also includes black, white, coral, light green and red.  The shoe has non-functional laces on the top, which make it look sporty, yet girly at the same time.  Just to note, the textured Teacup shoe is called “Teacup Crochet” and they come in black, white, natural and blue.  There are also printed Teacup shoes as well (tie dye floral and washed stripe).  All of the varieties are absolutely adorable!  The best part is that this shoe offered me the “out of the box” comfort that I was hoping for. 

Most reviews that I read said that these Keds don’t run true to size, and I found this to be accurate.  I usually wear a size 7 shoe, but the 6.5 fit me perfectly.  I also found that there were a lot of mixed reviews on these shoes with regards to comfort.  I have worn them about five times so far, for long stretches of time per wear, and they truly are as comfortable as I remember them to be during the Jennifer Grey era. 

You can find this shoe at Keds.com, Amazon.com or Zappos.com, and the price ranges from $40-$45 for the plain canvas, and about $30-$35 for the crochet teacup shoe.

Enjoy your summer ladies, and if you’re stressing too much about bathing suits, remember that there is almost always a shoe that will fit you perfectly!