Monday, August 4, 2014

Annoying Mommy Bloggers

I have recently discovered Twitter, and yes, I know that I am extremely late to the party.   I joined Twitter so that I could follow some of my favorite bloggers out there.  The funny one liners, the blog updates and blog conference references are just a few of the reasons why Twitter has become more fun than Facebook for me.  However, there is one downfall in particular that I’d like to address, and that is the annoying Mommy blogger.  There are so many truly funny bloggers out there, but then there are the “copycat” bloggers who think they are funny, but fall short.

There seems to be a large movement of sarcastic, cynical, dry humored moms who have taken to blogging to air out their grievances about motherhood (and sometimes fatherhood, depending on who the blogger is).  Because I am a Jersey girl and was pretty much raised in a sarcastic, cynical, and very blunt environment, I usually find this type of humor to be hysterically funny and completely relatable.  However, some of the blogs and tweets that I have read lately take it to another level.  

There are bloggers out there who actually talk about how annoying their children are on a daily basis (yes, they actually use the word “annoying” to describe their children).  They also have a tone to their writing which makes the reader feel like every time they have an interaction with their child, they are rolling their eyes the entire time and just thinking about having a glass of wine.  The blog content is usually along the lines of “This is what my annoying kid did today.  Isn’t it ridiculous?  (Insert laughter here.)  Now, let me have some wine.”  There is no content in these blogs, other than to diminish whatever it is that the child was doing.  Now, I have a feeling that some of these bloggers are just writing for laughs, because I refuse to believe that they really dislike their children enough to constantly rag on them day in and day out.  But to those bloggers who actually fall into this group, if you really do have annoying children, did you ever stop to think that maybe you’re part of the problem?   Maybe spending a little less time on Twitter complaining about your “annoying” children would help your child be less annoying.  Maybe having an engaged, rather than an inebriated parent will help your child’s situation.  Just sayin…

Look, I totally get that motherhood is tough, and sometimes crazy things happen that are so ridiculous that you need to share them, while holding a glass of wine.  And I love stories like that because, at some level, all moms can relate to them because we ALL have those stories.  As for me, my loyalty lies with the writers/bloggers that incorporate all aspects of their daily lives- the comedy, the drama and everything in between.  Because that, to me, is real life.  And real life isn’t just filled with sarcastic commentary.

For those who disagree and would like to keep wittily complaining about being a parent,  that’s fine with me, as I’m sure that a few of your stories may even make me chuckle.  But I just ask you to remember that everything on the internet is searchable.  So, when your child grows up, would you really feel good about them finding multiple pieces of “comedy” written by Mommy about how annoying they were?  Will it be worth the 50 retweets?  

Maybe some of you are ok with that, or maybe some of you will have some really understanding, sincere, non-hormonal teenagers that won’t let something like that bother them.  Maybe they won’t expect an explanation for why you felt the need to repetitively verbally bash them on the internet to try to fit into a mommy blogger “clique”.  Maybe I’m making a big stink about nothing.  Maybe…